Working to move educators beyond their boundaries. 


My early career involved marketing, sales, and advertising. I've always found myself drawn to the role of teacher in various capacities. That unknown talent finally led me to an elementary classroom and a Master's Degree in Elementary Education. In the past twenty years, I have had a chance to impact the lives of many students, hopefully giving them a learning experience that they will remember and find valuable. My favorite part of teaching is actually the discovery and learning that occurs everyday as you journey through content to explore and connect to the lives of your students. A classroom is a community of learners that collaborates and shares stories as they try new things, learn from failure, and strive for success. I now work with teachers, hopefully providing some of the same learning opportunities. I want every teacher to feel like a designer of learning, understanding the freedom in exploring passions, the joy of uncharted waters, and knowing that with a great endeavor, there is often fear and failure, but the wisdom gained and exhilaration on the other side are well worth the risk.

I have recently co-authored a book with Alyssa Gallagher, Design Thinking for School Leaders: Five Roles and Mindsets that Ignite Positive Change. Design thinking is a powerful problem solving process that I continue to explore and work into traditional educational decision making practices. I have moved from classroom teaching, to Innovative Strategies Coach, to Principal, and am currently exploring the role of Director of Innovation and Digital Learning for a K-8 public school district in California.  I also enjoy sharing my work as a Learning Designer for inProgress Consulting and continue to present and share ideas through various conferences both internationally and nationally.